Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gaana.com launches iPad version in HTML5

The ipad version will allow all the ipad users to
enjoy complete Gaana.com collection - all free of cost

Gaana.com has struck the right chord with young Indian music lovers by garnering 1.4 million unique visitors and 11.7 million song plays within the first month of its launch. The high level of engagement on the portal can be gauged from the fact that on an average a user spends over 9 minutes per visit.

Gaana.com has one of the largest collection of Hindi, regional and English songs, it provides free and licensed music to its listeners through a unique "media player" interface. Besides a simple to use navigation and ease of content discovery, the key features include song recommendations, radio gaana and social features.

The song recommendation engine generates a list of tracks based on a user's liking, while radio gaana on the other hand creates an endless music stream. The social features allow users to connect to their Facebook & Twitter profiles with their Gaana account and share their activity with their community. Another social feature is the user activity stream that allows users to see each other's playlist, giving users a community music experience.

It's the first music site in India to build an iPad version using HTML5. The ipad version will allow users to enjoy the complete Gaana.com collection - all free of cost. By launching this advanced version, Gaana.com intends to take advantage of the multiple facets of interactivity that the iPad provides.

Commenting on the launch Rishi Khiani, CEO, Times Internet Limited ,said "We are happy to see the traction the site is receiving and are extending our portfolio across many platforms. We aspire to build scalable global products. The iPad version of gaana.com is another step in that direction".

All social platforms are abuzz with rave reviews about the experience, the UI, it's feature set and its social connect. While one of the tweets praises the site by saying " gaana.com has made life so much easier and entertaining for millions of music listeners," another tweet says "Flat Out. Times Internet just pulled out a winner"

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