Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Laxmi Ganesha Wallpapers,Shubha Labha,Diwali Backgrounds,Yantras,Sri Vidya

 Goddess Laxmi With Sri Ganesha Shubha Labha Wallpapers and Diwali Greetings

According to hindu scriptures and beliefs goddess Lakshmi is the devi of wealth and prosperity and she is also called as Padmā.She also gives fortune, luck, name, fame, grace, charm, splendour, generosity and courage.She is also the consort of Lord Vishnu who is worshipped on diwali. Lord Ganehsa is a elephant god who is quite wise and remover of all obstacles before the commencement of any auspicios work. He is also called by many names like siddhi vinayaka, vighneshwara, vighan harta and so on. Shakti goddess luxmi is usually seen in two forms 1st is Bhudevi and  2nd is Sridevi and is the embodiment of Lord Narayana superior spiritual feminine energy, or the Param Prakriti, which purifies, empowers and uplifts the individual spiritually with the rising kundalini.

Download free Goddess Laxmi and ganesha with shubha labha wallpapers in HD 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800 resolution. Swastika for deepavali and Goddess Laxmi & ganapati desktop pictures, photos, pics for your windows 7. Lakshmi beeja mantra for Lakshmi maa puja along with her images on our site which you can download free for ipad. Devi shakti is also has many names in tantra & upanishads like Kamalika, Vaishnavi, Narayani, Chanchala, Bhumi Devi, Madhavi, Shreya and Aiswarya and so on. God Ganesha is called as ekadanta, Heramba, Lambodara idls are usually seen with abhaya mudra.Ganesha is often shown riding on or attended by a mouse as mentioned in Matsya Purana which carries esoteric meaning. We have on our site god ganesha wallpapers for diwali which you can save as background for linux and mac desktop computers and tablet pc. On dussehra  festival set greetings pictures and photos for laptops and notebooks. 

Laxmi Ganesh Wallpaper & Photo, sri vidya

HD Lord Ganesh wallpaper for Diwali, luxmi yantra photos

Goddess Lakshmi Ganesh,Celebrating Vijaya Dashami

Hindu Ganesha Wallpapers laxmi ganesh wallpapers

lord ganesh laxmi wallpapers, Mahalaxmi Vaibhav

Lakshmi Pooja Wallpaper Photos Gallery, Chamuda Devi Wallpapers

Diwali Special Lord Ganesha Wallpaper, Lakshmi mantra for Lakshmi maa puja

Goddess Laxmi desktop pictures,photos,pics

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